Homemade Peach Vanilla Bean Jam


Homemade Peach Vanilla Bean Jam

As an added bonus during our trip out to Tahoe, I was lucky enough to get to try some homemade jams that our friends brought up with them. Their parents have been making these for years and recently started doing the farmers market circuit, selling them around the Sacramento area. I wouldn’t call myself a jam aficionado, but I can certainly tell when any food is great and these really are something else. All of them are fantastic and extremely fresh since they partner with local farmers, but one in particular was like no other I have ever tasted, so amazing, that I felt compelled to tell people about it.


This peach with vanilla bean is screaming good! The instant I tasted it, I immediately thought of two things that I wanted to try it with – pâté and pork. I was able to accomplish the pork dish on the last night of our trip and it was a winner, but the pâté is going to have to wait a few weeks until I get some time, but I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic marriage.

I tried to convince them they should start mass producing this stuff, but they are happy hobbyists so there is no chance of finding them online. However, if you live in the Sacramento area, I highly suggest you track these guys down at the local farmers market and get yourself some.

By the way, I am digging our new camera (Canon 650D) and learning how to use it. This is the first time I have ever attempted any kind of real photography and am sort of kicking myself in the rear wondering why I waited so long. I can finally take pictures that actually do the food justice! You can literally every tiny, little speckles of vanilla bean in this jam – how cool is that?

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    Where do you live Cindy? We may be able to deliver or send to you.
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